Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Only 360 more days to go

Well it sounds better than day 4 and day 5 of "photo a day" when I am struggling to find a photo. The sky is overcaste so I think it is the greyness of colours. So much easier to be inspired with light and shadow.

So here are my photos which introduce our 2 dogs who feature in the blog header. Cheetah is getting on for 14 years old and is an Australian Kelpie. She is bossy and has always been a leader. She has us all organised and lets us know if any bird dares to land in a tree in the garden. She loves chasing snakes and lizards and will bark continuously at the possums in the trees at night who of course totally ignore her.

Harry is the only male in the house and the youngest at 7 years old. He will always be my baby boy. His major responsibility is to look after my youngest daughter (who thinks this is a total joke). But he takes his job seriously and stays at the front door each afternoon until she arrives home from school.

He is cute though isn't he!


Lilach Oren said...

You have a wonderful blog!
Love your photos

Crystal said...

What cute dogs! We are dog people with two ourselves.