Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Food Photography

(And a little of the garden too!)

I have some food blogs that I visit regularly for both the inspiring recipes and also the amazing photography. There is nothing more likely to get me away from the computer and into the kitchen than close-ups of food. I love cooking but have never attempted this style of photography. These bloggers kitchens look so clean and well outfitted while my kitchen is over 20 years old, in a colour that I have never liked and with areas that can never be scrubbed perfectly clean. How can you take photos with pans, chopping boards and dishes  all over the place? To find a clear space to set up for a photo seems near impossible. Anyway I am going to try.....

Last night I made a start and took a photo of the seafood that I was about to cook. Mm I definitely need a lot of practice. But it was dark and I needed to use a flash. That is my excuse anyway. The food did taste great.




Euphorbias in the garden. So easy to grow. Just pluck a leaf and within a month you have a new plant.




Well camouflaged grasshopper.





And if you would like some digital eye candy try these links:






Enjoy the rest of your week!


PS To those who have asked over the last couple of weeks what camera I use, the answer is it varies. My usual DSLR is a Nikon D300 with a zoom lens attached. But I also use a small point and shoot. The photos from the city in my previous post were taken with a small Sony Cybershot.


Crystal said...

Neat photos! I like that grasshopper!

Mari said...

That grasshopper shot is great! We have Euphorbias here too, but we call them Hen with chicks.

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Thank you for answer about your lens :)
I'd love to see more food photos :) I'm trying to make mine, but my kitchen isn't clean and lovely during cooking and after cooking there are two boys, who immediately take their food and eat in a horrible way - tomorrow I'll try to make a shot of them after eating spinach, today they looked just too funny, both so green :)

raining sheep said...

Love that succulent and wow, the grasshopper shot is good. The seafood really needs a more colorful background. So if you notice there is a bit of orange/salmon pink in the seafood. It would look great with a bit of a blue/green wash for the background. You could achieve that with a tray or plate of some kind or if you use photoshop, than layering in a blue/green overlay.

Susan said...

The shapes and textures of the euphorbia are really eyecatching. That is a lot of seafood and we would love to have such a variety here.