Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Another Snake Encounter…..

Our grass is long with recent rain and I know that there are snakes around.

See this recent post of mine.

I had just taken the photo below when the dogs started barking next to me.

There were Harry and Cheetah on both sides of (and mm from) a metre long snake that was coiled with head reared up and tail thrashing. I screamed out for my daughters to take the camera and managed to grab Harry and deposit him inside. Cheetah, our near blind 14 year old Kelpie, was not paying any attention to me as usual. She just wanted to catch the snake but had forgotten that she was a geriatric. What to do?

I rushed inside to our laundry, grabbed the bucket of soaking clothes and threw contents of bucket over dog and snake. While dog is shaking herself off, I manage to grab her collar and deposit her inside. Snake has meanwhile slithered off behind garbage bin below this flower.

And of course I have been without shoes all along….

I checked our snake identification book (thanks Dad) and believe it was probably only a type of whip snake which would only have harmed the dogs so we are keeping an eye on both of them to see if they show any sickness. We have had many whip snakes in the yard in the past but they have all been smaller.

This snake was too long and angry for my liking!




And no I don’t have a photo.


~Susie~ said...

A snake would have scared me to death!!! But I had a elk in my bacjyard a few weeks ago and they get mad when they the autumn apples :)) Lovely photo!!

Crystal said...

What a story! That must have been quite the experience! The photo turned out great!

Mari said...

I wouldn't have gotten a photo either! You did good in thinking to throw the laundry on them - although now you have to wash again!
I love your photos, I'm also intrigued by the layout you did. I'm thinking of doing some digital scrapbooking, but have to figure out where to start.

solveig said...

Eeek ok I want your mango tree and the amazingly beautiful flowers, but I'm pretty glad I don't have any snakes around ;D

ps. todays photo is stunning, what plant is that?

Jennifer McDougall said...

This is stunning!! I love it. Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog - I really appreciate it!

Stacy said...

Gorgeous photo! Is that ginger? I remember seeing plant like this when we were in Hawaii.

Carla Phillips said...

I love the photo.. Simply amazing!! The snake on the other head, left me wanting to run screaming! I would have been scared!!

Susan said...

I would have been scared to death and probably never have left the house. What a story, though and the pictures are so lovely. Thanks for visiting my snowy blog. It's great to see your colorful, beautiful pictures.

Flohbock said...

wow... great shot from the flowers!

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Oh dear, what a scary thing had happened to you!!!! I'd got heart attack meeting a snake eye to eye. You're so brave you could go back to your old girls and save her.

I'll post some winter for you soon, today it was -15 Celsius degrees and it seems winter will be long and white here.