Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope the year brings you joy and the fullfillment of all your wishes. For ourselves we are hoping for a year free of sickness. Focus word for this year is health.

Coming back to a daily ordinary life after travelling is never easy. While we were away we had an unexpected guest who decided that a vacant yard with plenty to eat and covered comfortable accommodation would be ideal. Here he is - Son of Slither.

On the first day, he decided that the barbecue would make a good home but with dogs barking and circling he moved.

On day 2 he decided to move into the empty China pot next to our back door but with a day of me taking photographs he decided to move on. Even he is trying to evade the camera! I suspect he has moved to our garden shed but I will wait a while to check this out.

And if you are wondering about the name, he is called Son of Slither as we had another Carpet Python a couple of years back in our yard but that one was nearly 3 metres long and she was nicknamed slither. The son (maybe??) is only a baby and probably not much more than a metre.

And if anyone is wondering these snakes are not poisonous although can give a bite but do eat small animals and birds etc. This is the reason our little Aussie Terrier sleeps inside at night.

Have a wonderful year everyone.


Flohbock said...

Uii amazing...

Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

i love snakes, your lucky you can find these in your backyard, all i see is bugs lol.