Friday, 22 January 2010

Ikebana …. not!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I would try to arrange the Heliconia Rostrata flowers that I had shot in a vase. Well my feeble attempts will not win a flower arranging prize but for what it is worth, these are my photos today.

This is definitely not an easy flower to display inside as the flowers hang down and the long branches supporting the flower extend up more than a metre. By the time the flowers appear the long leaves are ratty and tattered so I have used some mock orange for the foliage. Anyway for me it is better than only seeing the flowers when I put something in the bins as this is where these plants are located. Now who would have made the decision to plant this flower there?



And here are some photos from the last few days.
Passion fruit vine from our neighbours yard strays over our side of the fence each year. I am very happy that it has started to flower. I can just taste passionfruit ice-cream.


I have finally found a plant that I hope will not mind sitting in wet soil from the runoff of my air conditioner. It is mint which for me is difficult to grow. We will see.



Mari said...

What beautiful flowers! I can see why the first ones would be hard to arrange, but you succeeded!

solveig said...

Beautiful flowers! I think you did a great job arranging them, the color really pops agains the dark green leaves.
And passsion fruit! Yum! How lucky are you :D

Karina said...

oh wow those flowers are amazing ! your sure love gardening, dont'ya ;)

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Wonderful flowers!!!

I love passionfruit so much, these flowers are so pretty :) When I live in Krakow, I had quite big passionfruit in a pot and you won't believe me, it bloomed!!! I have few shots of flowers and I really loved them. After moving to Warsaw passionfruit vine stayed in our appartment in Krakow, I hope when we get back it'll be still alive.
There are many passionfruit vines in gardens near here, I'll visit that place in a future and I hope to take some shots of red passionfruit - I saw two flowers last sunday there, but it was behing ugly fence so I didn't take any photos. Next time I hope to see flowers in area which allow me take any shots :)

Crystal said...

You did as good a job I would have arranging those flower! Thank you for sharing your photos.

Susan said...

The red and yellow flowers are breathtaking they are so vibrant. I thought they were plastic at first. I am so envious of you with such beautiful flowers outside your door. The only thing is that mint grows very well here, I would like to trade some of it for your flowers.