Monday, 31 January 2011

January Roundup

I have just completed uploading my 11 pages of photos for January to Inkubook, where my year book will be printed. It is so exciting to see it all formated and in book format on the screen. Using templates with no embellishing and mostly graphic format has been a lifesaver and has simplified the task no end. I have included a lot of journalling including current affairs, weather and also a calendar of what we have done on a day to day basis. Sounds complicated but it is simple as I am journalling whatever interests me at the time.

This works out much better for me than photo a day with a week of photos to a page. I started out well in 2010 but when we had week after week at doctors and major medical problems, I really did not want to look back on so many of my weeks. Some things are better ignored. This year, I am scrapping months and I am aiming for anything from 3 to 10 pages of photos a month.

To give an outline of January:

Page 1: Contains a page of photos taken on 1/1/1. I will also do this randomly throughout the year for special days.

Pages 2-5 were photos from our visit to see my parents.
(These pages were posted earlier)

Pages 6 and 7 are photos taken over the month with a world news/current affairs summary. (We are news junkies here!)

Page 8: Photos with random summaries of the month including weather etc.
Page 9: Photos and journalling about my garden. (Yes there is a lot of journalling this month but it is Summer and I am planting seeds.)

Page 10: To keep me inspired with Photo a day, I am selecting a different topic each month as a focus. For January this was flowers and these photos are all cropped onto the page. 
Page 11: Our monthly calendar.

To try and tie the individual months together somewhat, I will be using a different colour theme for each month and selecting one coordinating paper. That is it. No embellishments or elements. Not a staple or stitch in sight! 

Now lets see if I am as enthusiastic at the end of February or for that matter later in the year.

And if anyone is interested, the templates that I am using/modifying are from Biograffiti at Oscraps.

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, 29 January 2011


My eldest daughter turns 18 at the end of this week and I am wondering where all the time has gone. Looking through some old albums for photos to scrap, I found a precious photo of my chubby little bub sleeping. Just so hard to believe that this was 17 years ago.

I remember she used to sleep in the middle of our double bed with pillows all round to stop her rolling off. The cute little dress was in pink and white cotton and perfect for Shanghai summers. What a darling!

I spent the morning outside taking more photos of our garden as I am down with a virus and have no energy to go for a walk. Now I have a record of the herbs we are currently growing. I have always been one for lists. LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Saturday, 1 January 2011