Saturday, 29 January 2011


My eldest daughter turns 18 at the end of this week and I am wondering where all the time has gone. Looking through some old albums for photos to scrap, I found a precious photo of my chubby little bub sleeping. Just so hard to believe that this was 17 years ago.

I remember she used to sleep in the middle of our double bed with pillows all round to stop her rolling off. The cute little dress was in pink and white cotton and perfect for Shanghai summers. What a darling!

I spent the morning outside taking more photos of our garden as I am down with a virus and have no energy to go for a walk. Now I have a record of the herbs we are currently growing. I have always been one for lists. LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mari said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! What a little cutie she was. I like both layouts!

esther_a said...

What a precious photo of her sleeping. You must treasure that photo. I have just been scanning old negatives this week and scanned and edited a similar photo of my 19yo daughter aged one month. What a trip down memory lane it is!