Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another beach sunrise

We caught the flu travelling overseas a couple of weeks ago and have all been in bed. It is the first time in years we have been so sick with a virus and I had forgotten just how long it takes to recover. The good news is that we are finally all on the mend. I have postponed our mothers day lunch out at our favourite restaurant until next week (as a courtesy to the other diners lol).

The worst part of the flu is being confined to the house with no energy or motivation. This morning the dogs woke pre dawn to be let out, so I decided to jump in the car and drive to the beach to photograph the sunrise. So pleased I did. Not a great sunrise as it was too clear but there is always something uplifting in watching a new day dawn. A wonderful start to the day.

Photos were taken with a graduated neutral density filter which I have just purchased. Great idea except that my camera was on spot metering so exposure was all over the place. Definitely need a clearer head to try out new camera techniques. I can see greater depth to the sky in the shots, which brings it closer to how the scene actually appeared. Will need to experiment more.

First light.


Cormorants with wings catching the warmth of the rising sun

Enjoy your Mother's Day Ladies!