Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Last word on Lorikeets .....

Well those Lorikeets are now immortalised in a layout but I promise after this no further word on the birds who stole the lychees!

Work is busy this week so back to writing documentation for me now ....

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Hemingway Collection

Susan of Raspberry Road Designs has come out with this wonderful kit named after her favourite author "Hemingway". I have always loved his work and especially the short stories (anyone remember "Hills like White Elephants") so as soon as I received the download links I wanted to create a layout. Named after such a monumental figure, the layout needed to be tied to travel and animals (Hemingway would not approve otherwise), so after a quick look through my travel photos this is what I came up with-

The main photo was taken from the back of an elephant. And if you have ever taken a photo from this position you will know just how difficult it is!

Complements to Susan and Hemingway!

Seven Wonders of my Life

Wonderful Maggie on our team at DSAG has posed this topic as the blog prompt for the week.

1. My 2 girls around whom my life is centred. They certainly make life interesting in unexpected ways.

2. My parents who are always just a phone call away.

3. My faith which gives me all the answers I need.

4. My home, garden and the 2 dogs which are my refuge from stress.

5. Gods creation which never ceases to amaze me. Flowers, mountains, sunsets, birds, rain .........

6. Living in Australia where I breath fresh air and drink clean water out of a tap.

7. New and old friends who are just a phone call or network away.

I could go on ....... But what are the wonders of your life?

Saturday, 12 January 2008

In One Day....

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

New CT Layouts

Two new layouts for the Artisan Guild. 1959 was definitely a good year!
Sonia has just been allowed to start drinking coffee so the first layout documents this event.
My ankle is much better today and I tried driving which was OK but I am pleased that there is no work peak hour driving until next week! Yes I am lucky to be able to work from home for another week!

Saturday, 5 January 2008

New Year and Resolutions .....

The header for the blog was created in June last year and the single entry remained until today when I found the delete key. A new year and resolution to maintain a blog - we will see how it goes!!!!

We spent Christmas and New Year with my parents and their dog which was absolutely wonderful. It is amazing just how a change of scene can be so relaxing. In fact I was so relaxed that upon my return I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. Taking down the decorations has now been postponed and so has the spring (summer???) cleaning resolution. My girls are not too upset!!!

The Guild has come out with another amazing kit this month - Creme De La Creme. Just perfect to scrap some photos that Dad took on his visit to WA last October. (Dad just click on link to Artisan Guild on right and you will be able to see comments about your photography!)