Sunday, 13 January 2008

Seven Wonders of my Life

Wonderful Maggie on our team at DSAG has posed this topic as the blog prompt for the week.

1. My 2 girls around whom my life is centred. They certainly make life interesting in unexpected ways.

2. My parents who are always just a phone call away.

3. My faith which gives me all the answers I need.

4. My home, garden and the 2 dogs which are my refuge from stress.

5. Gods creation which never ceases to amaze me. Flowers, mountains, sunsets, birds, rain .........

6. Living in Australia where I breath fresh air and drink clean water out of a tap.

7. New and old friends who are just a phone call or network away.

I could go on ....... But what are the wonders of your life?

1 comment:

Maggie said...

Carolyn - I love your blog!!! And your Seven Wonders are fantastic!!!