Tuesday, 23 February 2010



It is hot and humid still. We have had some rain but it is hot. Everyone is feeling tired and DD2 has now been home from school for a week. We have 3 more doctors appointments to go this week. Ugh…..


I have not had as much time for photos but am still taking at least one photo every day.


Sunrise on palms next door.




I had to use a rake to move this lizard on when trying to move the car out of the garage yesterday afternoon.




This is my baby boy – Harry. He is a sweetie even though a little feisty. Not a lap dog at all.




These are our first beans from the garden. They grew from a flower to over 30 cm in 10 days! We will have beans now for the next 2 months.




I love the pattern in this dragon flies wings. Nature is so wonderful.




Have a good week everyone and keep up the photo a day. I really love visiting all your blogs for inspiration.


Mari said...

These shots are wonderful! I love the dragonfly close-up!

esther_a said...

I missed most of these in the flickr gallery. Those beans look SO delicious! The have certainly come in with a rush. Love every photo. Hope your doctor's visit goes well.

Karina said...

oh wow the last photo is amazing ! again i'm so jelous about the weather ;)

Flohbock said...

amazing photos! Have a nice weekend!

~Susie~ said...

These photos are just stunning!! I just love the dragonfly!!

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Hi, I've seen so many amazing photos here!!! I love this dragonfly, it looks amazing!!!
You were right, my kids are really spoiled by grandparents lol

Carol said...

Harry's ears are amazing. Love it. That dragonfly, wow. The detail you have captured is magnificent.