Thursday, 4 February 2010

Eyes improving but brain needs help

I went back to the eye clinic today as it is now one week since surgery. They are very happy with results and my eye is healing well. My problems in focusing are better but still a problem although I can see a computer screen now. It seems that because I had such a dominant right eye before surgery, it will take time for my brain to realise that the left eye is also now working. This sounds reasonable so it is now just perseverance and time.

I am still taking photos so here is the catch-up.


This is my new chopping board. I saw it in our organic store yesterday and fell in love. Each board was a different shape and wood grain. This was definitely the most distinctive. And where better to take the photo than in my vegetable garden. I love the different wood grains.



And this is our geriatric Kelpie, Cheetah chasing flies. She really wants to keep everything out of the yard.




This was a Church but is now a nightclub. It was here that relatives of mine preached in the mid 1800's. So sad.

I have been wanting to take a photo of this church for heritage pages for a long time but today is the first day that I have passed here with my camera.




Hanging the clothes out on the line and I spotted this butterfly in the lychee tree. So I rushed inside, up the stairs, grabbed the camera and out again not expecting the butterfly to still be there. But it was! Not long enough to play with camera settings but just long enough to take this photo!


And finally thanks everyone for your wonderful wishes over the last week. They are really appreciated.


Flohbock said...

Amazing photos! I like the butterfly!

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Hi!!! I'm glad you can see monitor now :) I hope time, that needs your brain will be short and soon you'll be happy with two good eyes.
I can't believe that someone made nightclub in a church... It isn't good to make nightclubs of churches... It's a very sad view when you know what's inside.
I love your chopping board :) It's awesome :)

raining sheep said...

Beautiful photos. Hope your eyes do heal well; a friend had eye surgery and it took a while for one eye to get to the right point. I have a similar chopping board and love using it for cheese.

Mari said...

Glad your eyes are improving! That looks like a wonderful cutting board. Your Cheetah is really pretty and so is the church. It's too bad what happened to it.

takinu said...

I´m glad that you're better. I like grain of wood and the smell of fresh wood. You have wonderful weather. Here it is winter and cold. In which part of Australia do you live?

Amandac said...

So glad the surgery went well and you are recovering nicely - you are heaps braver than me, I'm terrified of having eye surgery!! Great photos as always and my favorite has to be the photo of the church, looks great!

Anonymous said...

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Susan said...

This butterfly is so elegant with beautiful colors. I'm glad you didn't miss it It's always so nice to come over to your blog to escape the snow here at home. I hope you keep getting better.