Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Beastly weather


If you know me at all you know how much I hate humidity and hot weather. When the temperature hits 30 C with humidity hovering in the 90’s, I just wither. The girls wither and even the dogs just lay on the tiles downstairs looking drained and pathetic.

Yesterday started with me hanging clothes outside at 5:15am just before sunrise. By 10am the kitchen temperature was just under 30 C and this is downstairs. Upstairs is an oven and even with aircon in the study it was still hot. Certainly makes it difficult to move outside to take a daily photo. Thankfully the weather has now broken with rain. My fingers are crossed that it stays overcast and raining all day.




Sunday was Chinese New Year and we celebrated in welcoming in the year of the Tiger with a wonderful meal. And how do you start preparing a Chinese meal? By soaking the mushrooms, lotus blossoms etc. These are Shitake mushrooms nearly ready for cooking.




These are the books that I’ve read in the 2 weeks since the laser eye surgery. I am in heaven and have so much to catch up on. Yes there are piles of books beside my bed!




This wonderful grasshopper even turned his head when I raised my camera to take his photos. I wish my 2 daughters were so obliging!


Have a great week everyone!


Mari said...

Great shots! I can't believe it is so hot there. I'm freezing at the moment!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

Awesome photo of the grasshopper!

Michelle said...

I took a shot of a lady bug the other day and it was so hard to get the shot off before the darn thing flew away. Good thing your grasshopper was such a willing subject.

Studio Cali Design said...

Beautiful pics !

takinu said...

Hi Amson, i like warm weather. Here it is 2 degrees below zero. Cold. To cold for me. I envy you. I would like to sweat at 30 degrees.

~Susie~ said...

I would love to have your weather... We only have lots and lots of snow and cold weather!! Great shots!

raining sheep said...

Sigh, I am so jealous of your temps....we had snow yesterday and even though today was nice for Calgary (only -1C), I just did not feel like doing my run outside and ended running on a treadmill like a big gerbil. There was a thin sheet of ice on the pathways and I guess I did not feel like falling again.

Magdalena (m2m) said...

You know, I could change with you fir a while :) It's still winter here and I'm tired of snow everywhere.. But I don't know how much would I be able to stay in such a hot climate as yours. I envy you grasshoopers. I'll have to wait few months to see some here.