Tuesday, 2 March 2010

How can we still be sick?

Well this title explains my absence for the last week. DD2 is still sick and will go to hospital for small procedure tomorrow. DD1 is OK. And as for me, I burnt middle fingers of my right hand (i.e. computer mouse fingers and camera click fingers) so have been out of action for a few days. I am not even going to try and explain this one…
Photos have been taken on some days so here is the catch-up:
Portraits of sunflowers then some rain, then more rain, then even more, then floods…

Waterlilies planted in a pot are starting to flower. I hope to add gold fish next weekend.



This is our local creek today in flood. The path is way more than 1 metres below this water line.

And just one last photo. No this is not a good photo but I love it. This is an Australian green tree frog and we found this baby last night on the back patio on a chair. He is handsome.

Have a good week!


Mari said...

Sorry you have had sickness and burned fingers over there. I love the rain photos, even though there has been too much of it!
Cute frog too!

Susan said...

Great pictures of the flooding creek--so scary and powerful. Love your green pictures--including the frog. Hope everyone gets better.

solveig said...

wow the first one is amazing!!

Carol said...

That fourth photo down = perfection. What a gorgeous pic.