Sunday, 8 February 2009

Catch up ....

What a tragic day for Australia and especially Victoria. High temperatures (up to 49C, 120F) and high winds have caused the worst bushfires in my lifetime with many deaths. The stories are so sad... Here in Queensland temperatures are mild by comparison, thankfully...

Todays photo is of the palm which drops fronds onto my shed but looks wonderful in late afternoon sun.

As I cook dinner at night, there are always geckos on my window attracted to the insects savouring the smell. This is the view as I chop the onions at night.

The colours of the bouganvillea overhanging our fence are especially bright at dusk.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and for the Australians, I hope you and your families are safe.


Susan said...

We read about the wildfires in Australia in our local paper. My heart goes out to anyone in their path.

Your picture of the bouganvillea has such beautiful lines and colors. It would make my day to see that on my fence with the sunlight through it.

Those geckos must be pretty smart to go where the food is--even if it is your window. Nice picture and something I'd never see here in Midwest USA.

What kind of palm is that? I think I've only imagined palm trees with the green fronds--coconut trees. The texture of the bark contrasted with that of the foliage and the bright colors are so pretty in your picture. Lovely pictures--all of them.

Karen I. said...

Your photos are lovely!

So sad and horrible about the fires.

Amandac said...

I'm so sad about the fires Carolyn, so much loss of life and property. It makes me feel so glad to live in Brisbane with only the odd freak storm raging by now and then! Hey I'm loving all your photos btw! The gecko photo is fabulous and you have given me a great idea to take a photo of my own gecko family LOL. I love the bouganvillea photo, they have always been a favorite of mine and we had them in our yard when we lived in Townsville!!