Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Rain, rain and more rain ….

My gardens appreciated the rain last week and the beans are thriving but the rain of the last 24 hours has now turned the yard into a bog. Lucky the vegetable garden drainage is OK so for the moment eggplant and beans will survive.

Between rain storms, we went down to the creek which runs parallel to our street. I always love to take photos when the water is high and flowing fast. It was still raining and quite dark so photos are not the best.

Our path is now covered in water and there is no way to get close to the river.

A log has been carried onto the bridge.

No possibility of walking down to the creek as the path is under water, but looking at the debris in the trees, the water would have been 2 metres higher last night.

More rain expected.

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esther_a said...

wow! What a downpour!! I hope you stay nice and dry and your beans don't drown!