Monday, 23 January 2012

Luminance for depth to skies

More photos yet again taken at the beach. It is summer here and the light is strong with well defined and strong shadows. I usually get an exposure setting, for my photos, on the object I am wanting to photograph, which results in correct exposure for the object I have in focus but unfortunately there is often a washed out sky. Skies have been beautiful over the last couple of weeks here as there is rain around and although sunsets have been without colour, they are truly stunning in monochrome. It is disappointing then to download photos to lightroom and find the less than impressive skies.

A trick that I use often to give depth to skies is to decrease luminance of blue and aqua in Lightroom. Sometimes I will also bump up saturation but only if required. This is what I have done in the following photos taken late Saturday afternoon.

In all cases luminance of both colours has been decreased by up to 50. (Lightroom 4 Beta version)

Have a great week everyone.

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Kelly Smith said...

Your pictures are amazing! I saw your Jan P365 layouts at Weeds and Wildflowers yesterday and was in awe. I found you through your comment on my layout at W&W. I wish I lived closer to the beach!