Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Dogs Dogs and More Dogs

Well for the last few days, the dogs have been in the limelight. They are perfect material for photography in that they are active and won't look at the camera except when tricked. And if you use a flash, you get yellow eyes. So you are forced to work with camera settings.

Poor old Cheetah, our old lady at 13 years is on daily medication that we are trying to regulate.

This was last nights sunset. I was cooking dinner but as soon as I saw the colour out the kitchen window I rushed out with my camera. The colours lasted less than a few minutes but were spectacular.
Cheetah again. Don't you just love her eyes. She is bossy, demanding and noisy but very loving.
And after a dog photo session in the study, I decided to put the best shots into a layout. The girls both want copies printed.
Have a good day!

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fazzbech said...

Great photos, beautiful colours in the sky, and what a great way to arrange the photos in your layout!