Saturday, 22 October 2011

Meet Jess aka PJ (Princess Jessica)

It started a couple of months ago. “Mum come and look at this” had me looking at yet another web page photo, one of the girls had found, of some poor sad looking dog who was in foster care and desperately needed a home. They wanted another dog and used every ploy. It worked. ;-)

We are now the official proud owners of Jess an ex racing greyhound. Jess had been in foster care for a couple of months after some critical dental work to remove diseased teeth. (Racing dogs have glucose smeared onto their teeth before races apparently). We adopted her from a wonderful organisation called Friends of the Hound. I highly recommend them. They are totally professional, well organised and have the welfare of the dogs as number 1 concern.

Jess is nearly 8 and has settled in well. She was a little thin when she came to us and we have worked on fattening her up. A diet of puppy food, organic eggs and meat and tinned sardines for the last 3 weeks and she is now 1kg heavier. This is a dog who does not mind being cuddled and kissed 24/7, perfect for us and for her. A match definitely made in heaven. Isn’t she gorgeous!


Here are a couple of layouts, the first of many.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Stefanie Eskander said...

Your layouts and new dog are just stunning. When we lived in Western New York, I had friends who were involved in greyhound rescue. What a noble adventure!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous pup!!! And I love your layouts!

And looking at your photos...lovely. simply lovely.

Carol said...

You know what I think of your family rescuing an ex racer like this, I think you all deserve gold medals. Jess is absolutely gorgeous. Would love for you to do a post on how your dogs get on, is the little one the boss, or if the little one just sensed that Jess needs loving.