Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Fhung of Studio Ztampf has just released a wonderful paper pack called "Sound". The graphics on the pages remind me of Leonardo da Vinci sketches. I love them!

I have been wanting to do a simple page for my All About Me album of my current playlist so started with this.

I bought my first ipod, a little green ipod shuffle, last year when sick in bed. It kept me up to date with news and at that stage was mostly full of podcasts. The girls used to joke that I must have been the only person who didn't have music on their ipod. Which wasn't exactly true as it did contain a few of my favourite symphonies. I remember listening to Mahlers 5th Symphony just a few hours after coming out of the anaesthetic in hospital. A great choice. Mahler was a total Drama Queen so any of my moans at that time were pale in comparison.

The shuffle has now progressed and contains lectures from the Teaching Company. I love the music lectures and shop when they are on special, juggling between buying direct from the US or from Australia. It all depends on exchange rate that day.

Shostakovich is a composer that I have only discovered in the last few months. In the past the snippets of his music that I heard seemed just noise with no purpose or theme. His Cello Concerto No. 1 was then covered in a 45 minute lecture on History of Concertos and I was hooked. I could not believe that after listening primarily to classical music for more than 40 years, I had not discovered his genius. It was as if you are standing in darkness in a room and all of a sudden the light is turned on and you find you are standing in a gallery of magnificent pieces of art.

There is such joy in discovery.

Have a wonderful week.

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esther_a said...

Those Studio Ztampf papers have such richness to them. Stunning!
BTW, I've tagged you in "10 things you may not know about me" on my blog. I hope you have time and enjoy playing along.