Sunday, 26 December 2010

I'm back ....

There is not much that can keep me away from my computer except sickness. I was unable to sit for longer than half an hour for a few months due to back pain which turned out to be gall bladder issues. I ended up having my gall bladder removed at the end of November and am finally starting to feel much better. It has taken a while for me to be able to vary my basic boring diet but I am much better and have even been able to eat some treats this Christmas along with ham and pork etc. I am so happy!

Over this time the girls have also been sick and especially Amber. It seems that her problem is also allergy related and she reacts badly to any grains or dairy. We do not eat any processed food and cook from scratch so luckily it is not difficult to avoid problematic food.

We have had a wonderful quiet Christmas. The weather has been continuous rain which we love as it keeps the temperature down. What a change not to have the aircon on all day every day.

My best wishes to all for a wonderful end to the year and may 2011 bring you health and happiness.


Mari said...

Welcome back! I missed you and am glad you're feeling better.

Carol said...

So glad to see you back posting and wishing you health for 2011. Loving the page, especially the naughty and nice ticked! te he

Jouir la vie said...

Health is the greatest asset we have! I wish you all a lot of it!

Greetings from Germany