Thursday, 15 July 2010

Travel memories

I'm slowly scanning in the boxes of slides from my travels. Sometimes it really does seem so long ago especially when I look at photos taken in the late 70's and 80's. It is wonderful at times to make a discovery of a photo that really stirs the memories or evokes the time and place. A few I have picked out to scrap in layouts. These will not be co-ordinated travel books as I did for one of our trips to India but more a collection of pages with notes from my travel diaries. I am thoroughly enjoying the trips down memory lane.

Orissa in Eastern India

Beidai He in China

Swat Valley in Pakistan

Central Highlands of Yemen

Bali (as if you couldn't tell)

Photos are linked if you are interested in seeing the credits or a larger size.


Flohbock said...

amazing pages!

Mari said...

You've traveled to some amazing places! I love those shots. My favorite is the one from Yemen!

Tina O'Flynn said...

Carolyn!!! I absolutely love your travel pictures!!! You have been to some amazing places!!
I can't wait to read the journaling more closely!

Carol said...

Your scans are turning out so clear and beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous pages, each and every one. What beautiful memories you have from your travels.

Amandac said...

Carolyn your travel pages are gorgeous!! The scans look great and I have to say I love love your first page - what a great shot!!

Thanks for stopping in to my blog I really appreciate it and its lovely to have someone as hopelessly addicted as me so close by - I live on the northside ;)