Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lesson Learnt!

Do not ever talk about sickness in blog posts unless you want to be totally inundated with spam. I am so tired of rejecting comments from the usual internet spammers who obviously have no idea that this blog is not written from the States. Note to anybody reading this post – we have a government funded health system in this country and I am not in the market for cheap medications.

Now that issue is off my chest the obvious question is where have I been and how are my 365 photos going? Simple answer is that I have now jumped back into 365 photo taking as from today. I just do not know how some people manage to keep up with everything. Super woman I am not!

We are all s*** with colds at the moment. The usual nausea, dizziness etc has hit everyone. I have been preparing over the last couple of weeks to start on a new diet for all of us with the aim of both trying to identify allergies and rebuild all to healthy guts. We have been gluten free for well over a year now but this is not enough as we still manage to succumb to every virus doing the rounds and a few others as well. Combined with other symptoms which are worsening, we are going to try the most restrictive of diets to date. In the past we have tried low salicilate/amine/glutamate and also the dairy free and while this seemed to help, in time I just gave up as it all seemed too difficult. I guess it depends how large you perceive the problem as we are now starting the GAPS diet which seems to be modified carbohydrate diet.

A link to the Australian support site is here.

So we are off all grain, dairy, sugars, beans/lentils and starchy vegetables like potato etc. Also no dairy (fermented dairy introduced later down the track). In preparation, I have been cooking up pots of organic meat/bone stock and the house is really starting to smell like a soup kitchen. I have my cabbage fermenting in salt and have even tried to put together a pseudo kim chee. It smells pungent so I must be on the right track. Supposed to be full of good probiotics but all I remember is that when living in China the high rates of stomach and oesophageal cancers were directly tied to fermented cabbage. A case of too much knowledge is not necessarily a good thing. Anyway we will give it a try. So if you would like to join us for dinner over the next few days you are welcome. The menu is meat broth of 3 varieties: chicken, lamb and beef. Is your mouth watering?

Photos to follow.....

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Mari said...

Welcome back! Sorry you've been hit with spammers. I had to take anonymous comments off my blog to stop that.