Wednesday, 13 February 2008

For the love of one Horse

This is a layout of my daughters love of riding which occupied 2 years and then stopped with the death of the horse she loved. I have made this layout for her hoping that she will once again go back to riding even if only occasionally.

Journalling reads:

For a period of 2 years you lived, breathed and talked almost nothing but horses. You were reading all the Saddle Club books and just wanted to ride. You loved your lessons from the beginning and didn't mind waiting as you could then look around the stables.You rode different horses but by far your favourite was Born Free. "Bornie" had many scars and had been saved from an early death by the school. She was old, wise and very patient. Born Free died at the end of 2004. There were a few lessons after this but the magic had gone. I hope one day you ride again realising there are many horses in the world worth your love!

Credits: Farmhouse kit by Raspberry Road Designs, Cardboard Edge by Linda GB, Rattan alpha from DSAG August o7 Kit. Fonts are DSAG Its a Harvest Thing and StampAct.

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